Midwest is a USDA certified organic strain grown in our 4,500 sq-ft Harnois Greenhouse. All our hemp is sun grown in living organic soil. Our soil is a living eco-system of beneficial insects and micro-organism all working together in a symbiotic relationship. Our soil is lab tested by the University of Maine in Orno in the Spring before planting. The soil test results assist us in determining the best ratio of organic inputs needed before planting to provide optimum soil ph, organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and trace minerals.

Midwest | Organic CBD Hemp Flower | Greenhouse | 11.59% CBD


Variety:  Indica Dominant

Average Height:  7-8 feet

Genetics:  Wide broad leaves, deep green color, strong thick stalks, average flower/leaf ratio, tree shaping, and strong branching.  Good resin content with intense terpenes.

Nose:  Notes of sweet grape and berry with an earthy pine scent.

Sensation:  Provides mental clarity, calmness, and ideal as a stress reliever.

Breeder:  Jupiter Seeds, OR

Total CBD:  11.59%

d9-THC:  0.04%

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7 reviews for Midwest | Organic CBD Hemp Flower | Greenhouse | 11.59% CBD

  1. Mark

    I always liked sour space the most but this Midwest is so nice and leans heavy on the indica side its sticky not old dried dust nice flowers great taste and good relaxing effect good anytime strain now we’re all in jail highly recommend this one

  2. stefano

    I have smoked over 25g of Midwest and enjoyed every bit of it. It really reminds me of a natural outdoor grown White Whidow. The buds were huge, sticky and dried to perfection. Especially the flowers’ size is nothing I have seen before from online CBD retailers. Smoking it is smooth and you will light up one after the other. I reccommend it as it is a great strain and very cheap for what you get. 5 out of 5 for the quality-quantity-price overall deal.

  3. Jerry

    Can’t fault this!

  4. LB

    The most effective CBD flower i have enjoyed up until now.
The feeling is warm/uplifting/relaxing.
This is a bargain for the price, the flavor is very strong too when vaped and can get a bit stingy on the throat. Also thanks for your support and getting my order out so fast.

  5. Lou

    Smells like skunk tastes like auto skunk u taste the hemp in it but its ok for what it is gives u a very mild stone like u had just a few puffs but good for cbd worth a go

  6. Chris Flynn

    So glad I took the plunge on this purchase, delivery was speedy, the flower itself is fantastic. A joy to smoke, the effects are the best I’ve experienced from use of CBD flower.

  7. Clark

    it has a very strong earthy flavour and taste as opposed to fruity notes it is very much earthy slightly piney and peppery but I actually really like the smell and taste. Comforting flavour. And the effects are fantastic. Really relaxing and mind calming effects on this one.

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