T2 is a USDA certified organic strain grown in our 13,000 sq-ft Dutch Venlo Glasshouse. All our hemp is sun grown in living organic soil. Our soil is a living eco-system of beneficial insects and micro-organism all working together in a symbiotic relationship. Our soil is lab tested by the University of Maine in Orno in the Spring before planting. The soil test results assist us in determining the best ratio of organic inputs needed before planting to provide optimum soil ph, organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and trace minerals.

T2 | Organic CBD Hemp Flower | Greenhouse | 14.6% CBD


Variety:  Indica Dominant

Average height:  7-8 feet

Genetics:  Wide broad leaves, deep green color, strong thick stalks with average flower/leaf ratio. Good resin content.

Nose:  Notes of spicy pepper with a gassy and earthy base.

Sensation: Perfect as an evening stress reducer and sleeping aid.

Breeder:  EcoGen Laboratories

Total CBD: 14.60%

d9-THC:  0.04%

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2 reviews for T2 | Organic CBD Hemp Flower | Greenhouse | 14.6% CBD

  1. Dan C.

    Buds – Nice dark shades of green with an impressive covering of orange pistrils. Mature trichomes inside and out. Loose sticky buds (like all good indicas) but still nice and firm. The Dispensary have a new system in place and are storing all buds at 62% humidity which makes a HUGE difference – they’re the ideal moisture content on delivery and grind up perfectly.

    Smell – Strong aroma on this one. Lots of citrus limonene and spicy Caryophyllene with a subtle piney Pinene somewhere in the background. Not what I always expect from an Indica-dominent but very pleasing indeed.

    Taste – Flavours are light citrus with the pine coming through a lot stronger after the first hit. Vapour production is great and super smooth on the throat throughout the session.

    Effects – Took a while to come on but massively calming. Quite sedating and really slowed me down after a long and busy day. Nice warmth in my face and a real happy/content feeling.

    Overall – Buds and smell are the highlight and the effects are really good. This is classic Indica and I’d happily go back to this one after a difficult day or before bed

  2. Tim

    *** looks and smell***
    So the looks on this bud are pretty good, it is a well formed bud very sticky to touch an you can feel it in the grinder but it grinds up well.the trim job is ok still a few small leaves left on the bud nothing major tho, Its covered in trichomes and is a very deep brown shoots all over. It is a very nice greeny brown bud. It smells very sweet in the packet, a dank woody earthy sweet smell to it. But it’s more on the sweet side with a kind of spicey back end to it.

    . **Effects**
    Well as for effects I can’t say it’s one to write home about, but that’s just me I don’t feel to much from it no warm fuzzy feeling across the body, maybe a little clear headed but nothing overwhelming at all. It may be just me and this strain is not for me. Others may find it works well for them.
    I guess this would make a good day time smoke if your looking for something that’s nice tasting.

    ***Flavour ***
    Its a deep musky flavour with a real earthy taste to it. It does have that sweetness there on the exhale but it’s soon over taken with that deep earthy dank flavour that sticks and lingers for a while.

    Well it’s a great formed bud with plenty of stickiness to it smells great just not one for me. I guess that’s the way it goes some times
    With different strains effect people on different ways

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